Race Registration Changes

Method #1:

Use this method if you made an account when you registered.

  1. Click the link in the confirmation email that is located near the beginning that says 
"To manage your registration, log into your RunSignUp account."
  2. It will take you to the Sign In/Sign Up page. Log in and make necessary changes.

* Important to note: If you have a gmail account with folder sorting (for personal email), your confirmation letter or other email from RSU may go into your “Updates” folder which is on the far end. It may not go in the “Primary” folder. Users may miss their entry confirmation if they only check their primary folder. So please check your “Updates” folder if you haven’t received your confirmation email.

Method #2:

For those who did not make an account when registering.

  1. Goto Participant Look Up and type in the runner first and last name on the left side.
  2. This will bring up your entry. Click “IS THIS YOU” next to the name. This will prompt you to “claim” this as your entry and have the system send you an email. It will show up right away.
  3. Read the email and click on “Claim this account” and follow the steps to create an account by making a password. Then click “Register Your Account.”
  4. This will bring you to your race information/account “profile page”. From here you can modify basic entry info (change t-shirt size, change personal information) 
– to change personal information not specific to the race such as name spelling, DOB, address, click “edit” next to name.
– to change t-shirt size, click the “update info” button under preferences. Then “click my registered races” to proceed with making adjustments
  5. To transfer divisions or to another runner
    1. Click “My registered races”
    2. Then click “View / Edit Registration” (if you have registered more than one person, then click next to the person you need to modify)
    3. This brings you to the user registration information
    4. To change distances click “Transfer Event”. Such as from 10K to 5K. The system will charge you if the new division costs more and will not refund you if the new division’s entry fee was less.
    5. To transfer to another person as a “gift” (the two parties must handle any monies offline) “Transfer to Another Runner”. You will need the person’s email address.
    6. To modify answers to questions (such as school or estimated pace in 5K), click “Questions”
    7. To change shirt size, click “Giveaway”